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Tianjin GreenTech Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Tianjin Nankai Science Park, is specialized in environmental protection equipment manufacturing and environmental technology research and development, in particular focus on non-incineration techniques development and research for medical waste treatment and production of equipment. Our employees, more than 60 people, including two professors, three doctors, six were in senior management. The company has strong environmental protection technology and equipment research and development, design, production, installation commissioning and maintenance capabilities, and has years of research and cooperative relations with Tianjin University and Hebei University of Technology.

Service Motto and Objective
Dedication to environmental protection, Improvement of health of humankind, Promotion of sustainable development and Build a harmonious society
The main products:
1、High-temperature steam medical waste treatment techniques and equipment
2、Microwave medical waste treatment techniques and equipment
3、Medical waste shred techniques and equipment
4、Medical waste exhaust gas sweetening technology and equipment



Address: Tianjin Municipality in North West Tsing District Industrial Park (North Park) Star Road on the 26th

Zip Code: 300380

Phone :022-27985222

Fax :022-27985111


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